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Lulu's Speakeasy Chicago

Lulu’s is a speakeasy style venue in the basement of Storyville that features live events, variety shows, DJ nights, and private parties of all kinds. Food is available from the Storyville kitchen anytime we’re open. Contact us to book your next event in a completely private and intimate atmosphere with it’s own bar. 

Inspired by one of the most notorious and financially successful madam’s in New Orleans, Storyville, Lulu (1868 – 1931) promoted herself and fellow sex workers, many of whom were also women of color, defying the segregation laws in Louisiana at the time.

An eccentric figure, she was noted for her entrepreneurship, love of jewelry, influence on jazz music, and sex-positive spirit. Step into lulu’s Chambre Privée and take in the rustic boujee decor, live performances, and exclusive French quarter cocktails from our “Blue Book.” Lulu’s Chambre Privée is open for special events and private events.